Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's been some time since I've been here

I've been so busy with work, baseball field and being a mom.

Yes you read that right baseball field. Benjamin starts T-ball next month and I'm the new Public Relations Director at Lake Lucina aka LLYA where he will be playing ball. For the past two weekends I have spend all day Saturday and Sunday up at the park. We completely redid the T-ball field and it looks awesome. I can't wait for my baby to start playing and neither can he.

As far as work I've been training a new employee. She started 3 weeks ago and has tons of insurance experience I'm just training her on how we do things at our office. It's been great and fine just crazy only 'cause everything takes longer to do when your explaining and answering questions. But it's all worth it as she will be on my work "team" with Paula aka the "A Team" as we have been called.

I'm off now, but will try to be better at this. I'm heading to the craft store with my Mom so we can make some key chains and valentines things

Have a good weekend

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Monday Already

I can't believe how the weekend just flew by it's now Monday again and it's back to work time. The only problem is this is the first week I will have had to work 5 full days in about the last month or so with all the holidays. This will be a LOOONG week I'm sure. And to top it off the kids all go back to school which means the traffic will pick back up to normal - so whens Spring Break? LOL really it's not that bad for me. I have to take Benjamin to my Mom's which is about 10 Mins. tops away and then drive to work which is another 10 mins top. I don't encounter much traffic.

It's off to work time... Post more this evening about the weekend... It was my birthday on Saturday and we went to Disney! FUN FUN...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wii Boxing

So "Santa" brought our family a Wii for Christmas this year. We have been having a blast with it. Benjamin loves to bowl and to play his Monster Jam game. Now Joey and I on the other hand are having a blast with the Boxing. Let me tell you it gives you a work out you will not believe. I've told Joey we need to box at least 2 games a night every night.

Here's a video of Joey and I going at it. It's just as fun and funny as it looks...

Happy New Year

As we bring in 2009, I want to wish you all happy, safe and prosperous year. I hope your and your families are happy, healthy and all your wishes and dreams and wishes come true.
Here's my son Benjamin on New Years Eve/New Years Day Morning as Joey was lighting Fireworks.