Friday, December 12, 2008


Boy oh Boy has this been one LONG week and I'm glad it's FRIDAY! I don't think I could do any more days at work. In case you didn't know, could care less or just forgot, I'm a Commercial Insurance Agent and Janaury 1 is, always has been and will always be on of the busiest times in the insurance world. Why you ask, what is so special about January 1. Well it's because over 50% of the business Workers Compensation policies renews. So I'm busy working on Work Comp policies as well as issuing renewal certificates. It's always crazy and for the most part it's hard to get into the Christmas "Spirit" but I'm happy to report that after next Thursday's appointment ALL of my January 1 renewals will be done. WOO HOO that's a whole week before Christmas and 13 days before the new year....

Any who, it's Friday and we have big weekend plans here. Were heading to DISNEY WORLD tomorrow. We are taking our two nieces and MIL with the 3 of us. We are just going for the day, but we have never seen the Magic Kingdom decorated for Christmas. I can't wait.

Then Sunday we have family in town and we are having a dinner after the Jaguar vs Packer game.

It's going to be a busy weekend again, but I'm hoping it's filled with lots of fun.

So tell me what's your weekend plans.

~~ Tracy ~~


Minxy Mimi said...

Have fun at Disney World!

renee said...

Tracy, I left you an award here: