Saturday, November 15, 2008

12 Days til Thanksgiving

And only 13 days to BLACK FRIDAY ! WOW I can't believe it this year has flown by. What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

We normally go to my husbands Great Aunts for Thanksgiving Lunch. They always say we are eatting at 1 but in reality it's 2. I think this has to do with the fact that my MIL & FIL as well as other members of my husbands family can NEVER get to a place ontime. So I have learned that they say 1 (so) everyone will be there by 2. This kindof sucks only because my parents have dinner at 5. So bascially I just "pick" at my "in laws" so I can eat at my parents.

Some of you may not be aware of it but I'm an only child, so I always spend ALL of the Holidays with my parents. I'm their only child and Benjamin is their only Grandchild. On top the only family we have in Florida is My Aunt and Uncle along with their 4 boys who are all married and have kids of their own.

Now to Black Friday! I can't wait, I didn't go out shopping last year on Black Friday but I'm sure going this year. I will probably leave the house around 4 or so and meet with either my friend Melissa (Blog~What~Blog) or my friend Addie. I'm not sure if my Mom (Judie) will be coming out this year or not. But I can't wait I hope I'm able to find lots of presents for the people on my list. Although this year I'm really only wanting to buy for the kids in our family as well as our parents. If I could get my way that would only be: Benjamin (our son of course), our nieces and newphews: Brianna, Kaityln, Danielle, TJ, Justin, Hayden & Ali!


MMJ said...

We are definitly meeting up! I have no idea what I'm after but you and Brandi got me hooked!! I can't wait!

Brandi said...

Have fun shopping next Friday. I've been counting down the days. There's so much I'm hoping to find that I'm not sure I'll be able to grab it all before its sold out. Lets see, a NintendoDS, a Leapster2, a 20 inch TV, dvd/vcr combo and a digital picture frame. Think about me while you're freezing as I'm sure I'll be freezing too. :o)