Friday, November 21, 2008

Mom Dot Blog Party Day 8! I'm finally getting able to start this.
Day Eight Blog Party Question is Brought to you by Koshas, Leapfrog and Soda Club.
Day 8's question is: Do you shop on Black Friday? What time do you start? Do you finish all your shopping on that day? What’s the best deal you have found? What’s your shopping strategy?
Yes I *LOVE* to shop on Black Friday. I love the thrill of getting a good buy and most of the time I'm just starting my Christmas shopping. I normally leave the house between 3 -4 it just depends on where I need to be first. I think this year I will be at Walmart by 4. I saw they have Ripsticks for $ 45.00 that day which is a savings of $ 45.00. Plus they will have DS and Wii games on sale.
No I will not finish all my shopping on Black Friday. I never have and I'm sure I never will either. But it is always a good "dent" into my Christmas list
I think one of my best deals was an MP3 player I got my niece a couple of years ago for something like $ 20.00.
I really don't have a shopping strategy at all except go in pairs or a group. Then you able to get more and you have a higher chance of all of you getting the things on your list.


Cathy said...

You are good! I will not be shopping on Black Friday....hope you have lots of luck!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Good strategies!!

Sarah said...

YOu are a brave lady!! I can't do it. I just can't face the crowds.

Tena said...

wow that was a great deal! Hope you can get somemore great ones this year

Erin Tales said...

My strategy is to go with my dad. He actually slows me down, but he helps me keep my humor. LOL.

Tracye said...

I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll be out there too.