Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Activities

I'll just say I FROZE today. We ended up helping out at my MIL yard sale. It was COLD the wind was awful and COLD as all get out. I can't tell if my feet are still there are not they are that frozen.

I tried to sell some of Benjamin's baby toys but was not successful at all. these people wanted to only pay $ 1 an item for the incrediblock and a $ 1 for 2 sets of 6 Peek-a-Blocks. I just couldnt part with them that cheap.

It wasn't that great of a yard ssale I think MIL made around $ 100 but I guess that's not bad since it was so cold.

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Minxy Mimi said...

It bugs me when people think they can get something for almost nothing! I will never again have a yard sale!