Friday, November 21, 2008

** Happy Friday **

Yeah it's Friday. Only 8 hours of work and the weekend is here.. I think I will make it. Thought I would share this picture of a double rainbow. It was taken from the front porch of my house back in September some time. It reminds me that bighter things are just around the corner.
Weekend plans around is are as follows:
Tonight: We will just go to dinner and maybe stop and get a movie or something.
Saturday: Car swap meet in Moultrie, GA if Joey gets all the stuff done he needs to do for work today since our family emergency on Tuesday. If not then we may help is Mom out at a Yard Sale. Saturday night I'm thinking we will head to the MMJAX ( at Sweet Tomatoes on Wells Road.
Sunday: will be a relaxing day I have nothing planned. Probably will clean the house and get stuff ready for Thanksgiving and our Day trip to Disney. I'm thinking I'll have some energy and I'll cook some homemade sauce and make Italian for dinner.
Hope everyone has a great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend.
What's your weekend plans?

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